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Mid-Summer Craft Dinner Menu


Appetizers served at Reception:

Mango Shrimp Ceviche

Fresh gulf coast shrimp sliced and cured with a mango habanero salsa.  Served on mini tortillas.


Bang Bang Cauliflower

Crispy Fried Cauliflower, sweet and spicy Asian sauce, cashew cream sauce, scallion garnish. Served in a bamboo cone. 

Tasting notes*

Good with spice - creamy and smooth


First Seated Course:

lobster corn dog

Coldwater, Maine lobster tail skewered, dipped in sweet corn batter, and fried to a golden brown.  Drizzled with lemon aioli.  


Second Seated Course:

6oz airline chicken breast traditional jerk marinade, served over a bed of flavorful dirty rice and topped with a refreshing drizzle of tangy lime crema.


Main Course:

Coffee Crusted Filet 

Certified Angus Beef® Filet Mignon rubbed in an exotic blend of coffee and spices, served with an ancho-mushroom cream sauce.  Accompanied by grilled broccolini



Beignets with Patisserie

House-made Beignets tossed in powdered sugar and filled with creamy patisserie cream.   

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